Look for the Light

Blood Oranges and Clementines, 12 x 12 oil on gessobord

My dear friend Betsy gave me an antique colander. One of those enameled metal ones with handles and a stand. It’s very 1950’s looking and I love it, particularly the color. When I filled it with blood oranges and clementines, the colors just popped! Brilliant oranges against the blues and greens prompted me to add a little greenery and a candle in a deep teal glass jar. My challenge was looking for the light in each piece of fruit. But my challenge is always to look for the light. Life can get so dark sometimes that it’s easy to lose sight of where the light comes from. Painting helps me stay focused on the Light. Where does the light, the LIGHT, come from? Where do I see it now? It’s never gone… I just have to look a little deeper into the shadows.

I am the Light of the World. – John 9:5

His Light never goes out. Look for it. It’s there.

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